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Our Hyaluronic Infusion Facial : Newest Signature Facial at No. 13

Is your skin looking dull, dry, or dehydrated? We have the answer! Introducing our newest Signature Facial: the 70-minute Hyaluronic Infusion Facial. Our Hyaluronic Infusion Facial hydrates and brightens your skin, leaving it dewy, glowing, and healthy.

How does a Hyaluronic Infusion Facial work?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a sugar found naturally in our skin that holds water and helps keep it hydrated and plump. Our Hyaluronic Infusion Facial is a NINE step process that cleanses and nourishes your skin.

Step One:  Glyco Cleanser Cleanse

GLYCO CLEANSING MILK 200 mL| https://no13thebeautyavenue.com.au/

We cleanse and nourish your skin with our velvety soft and gentle Glyco cleanser. This removes any dirt or makeup from your face and prepares the skin for treatment.

Step Two: Fibro

FIBRO 200 mL https://no13thebeautyavenue.com.au/

After cleansing, we follow up with Fibro; a tonic that cleans the pores and aids in further cleansing.

Step Three: Marine Essence Cleanser

Marine cleanser | https://no13thebeautyavenue.com.au/

We begin the exfoliation process with our marine essence cleanser. This is a gentle form of exfoliation that doesn’t scratch or harm the skin’s barrier.

Step Four: Alpha Hydroxy Acids

The second step in the exfoliation process begins with our bioactive complex with Alpha Hydroxy acids. This is a non-abrasive gel with added Vitamin C and calming superfluids to refresh and brighten the skin.

While the bioactive complex is working its magic, we’ll get to work giving you a relaxing hand and arm massage.

Step Five:  Treatment

We apply a repairing treatment, paying particular attention to any problem areas. As this treatment works its magic, you’ll enjoy a face, decolleteé, and shoulder massage.

Step Six: Argini Cream Mask

Argini Mask 50ml | https://no13thebeautyavenue.com.au/

Argini Cream Mask

Applying the first of two masks, the Argini cream mask will soften and calm your skin before we follow with the champions of all creams, Synchro. This rich cream rebalances, regenerates, and revitalizes the skin. You’ll enjoy a neck, shoulder, and face massage while Synchro works its magic on your skin.

Step Seven: Hydrating Sheet Mask

A hydrating sheet mask is applied, locking in the benefits of all the layers we’ve applied so far. At No. 13 we want you to have a complete relaxation experience, so while your mask is setting you’ll get a luxurious foot massage.

Step Eight: Acetylated Hyaluronic Acid

Gently peeling the mask off to reveal nourished and bright skin, we apply our exclusive salon-only hyaluronic superfluid containing Acetylated Hyaluronic Acid. This acts as an instant and long-lasting filler for lines and wrinkles, giving the skin an immediate boost in hydration.

Step Nine: Synchro 2000

SYNCHRO 50mL| Liguid Gold Facial | https://no13thebeautyavenue.com.au

Synchro 50mL

As we reach the end of this 70-minute treatment, we apply Synchro 2000; a lightweight, powerful rebalancing cream layered with our mineralized tinted SPF with hydrating watermelon peptides.

Get your glow back as we enter the cooler months; this month, our Hyaluronic Infusion Facial is just $165 – you save $50! We believe high-quality skincare and luxurious ingredients should be available to everyone, so don’t miss out on this special offer!

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