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Liquid Gold Facial Treatment with Omnilux Light Therapy

Phew… and we are all here, survived the hectic yet fun festive season, welcomed in a new decade, and for many of us we have had a very long and busy school holidays. Well and truly overdue on so much maintenance – where do we begin? At No.13 we know very well how busy the Christmas / Summer holiday period is – that’s why you need a luxurious Liquid Gold Facial; to relax, unwind and take some R&R for yourself. As a special offer for the next month we are giving you a FREE Omnilux Light Therapy with this luxurious, signature facial.

For the last month of summer we invite you to try our Liquid Gold facial. This Gernetic signature facial will benefit all skin types promoting fresh, glowing hydrated skin, comprising of the application of 2 treatment masks the first chosen to address and customise your specific concerns with actives to target imperfections such as pigmentation, scarring, lines and wrinkles followed by the highlight of this facial, the cooling, anti-aging liquid gold peel off mask covering the eyes, face, lips and neck to regenerate and nourish, lift and tone skin. Along with a hand arm and foot massage you’ll be floating out of the salon.

What to expect with Liquid Gold Facial Treatment

1.Cleanse with Gernetics Glyco Cleanser

Glyco Cleansing Milk 200|

Glyco Cleansing Milk 200

Starting with our slow and thorough double cleanse using Gernetics glyco cleanser this milky and gentle cleanser eliminates make up and impurities and comforting skins barrier. Next skin and eyes toned with Fibro, stimulating and waking up those skin cells, rich in amino acids and plant extracts to rebalance skins ph. Next get polished, This cleanser one of my favourites in summer uses fine granules of oyster shell and sea sediments leaving skin beautifully smoothed.

2. Face Massage with Gernetics Signature Products

SYNCHRO  50mL| Liguid Gold Facial |

Synchro 50mL

Following this a relaxing face and neck massage with Gernetics signature product, a must for all skins, Synchro. A regenerating and nutritive rich cream that balances skins function: oiliness as well as dryness. anti-inflammatory and has incredible healing properties. As well as Nuclea treatment cream targeting lines, wrinkles, scarring, and pigmentation rich in essential fatty acids, avocado oil and essential amino acids.

3. Liquid Gold Peel off Anti-Aging Mask

GER-PEEL 125 mL | Liquid Gold Facial |

Then onto the liquid gold peel off antiaging mask. With its core ingredients of Argan Oil and high concentration of Vitamin E it gives strong anti-age and hydrating properties. So cooling and calming too, so the perfect way to treat your skin this summer.

4. Omnilux Light Therapy

Then finally your complimentary t Therapy. Step into the light with this non-invasive and relaxing treatment to help reduce the appearance of visible lines and wrinkles. Boost collagen production and hydration whilst visibly improving skin appearance.

This Special Offer Liquid Gold Facial with Complimentary Omnilux Therapy is one not to be missed, offer valid until March 31st 2020! So what are you waiting for? Call us on 9361 5550 or book online.

Walk into our beautiful salon, and sip on a delicious Beauty Chef elixir water before stepping into our immaculate and spacious treatment rooms and climbing into the most comfortable treatment bed (you won’t want to get up) and immediately feel the weight of the last few months disappear.





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