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Struggling with Gut Issues? Meet GUT PRIMER, it can help with skin issues too!

At No.13 we have absolutely embraced and welcomed into the salon the cutting edge inner beauty and skin cult favourite The Beauty Chef. Not only do we need to treat skin on the outside but skin conditions can start from the inside too, sometimes with gut issues being the cause!

Many of our clients are regular users of the hero Glow Inner beauty powder paired with one of the 3 delicious elixirs in the range, think moisturiser with an added serum. Recent studies show 90% and more success with pre-existing skin conditions. With so many nutritionally packed ingredients like Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D just to name a few. Bio fermented superfoods are an excellent way to get complete nutrition although there are still many people who suffer from severe gut issues like IBS, bloating and constipation. The stress that comes with having to live with painful gut issues is massive with theft absorbing all our nutrition it can be detrimental to someones overall health when leaky gut syndrome and irritable bowel creep into their life.

Meet GUT Primergut issues

The beauty chef has come to the rescue. Meet GUT PRIMER, the beauty chefs new gut restore powder. Proven to be so effective in soothing gut issues that it is even a TGA listed medicine. Gut Primer is used as a pre-step to Glow for those with sensitive tummies. Designed to help repair and soothe the gut with its berry and mint flavoured medicinal and nutritional superfood powder. Containing a combination of herbs used in traditional western medicine for leaky gut with nourishing ingredients such as bio fermented papaya, aloe vera, peppermint and I – glutamine as well as turmeric which is used for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Licorice root as well as slippery elm help calm and repair the lining of the gut and milk thistle to help support liver functions and digestion. The addition of zinc helps maintain and support skin health as well as immune function.

How to Take GUT Primer

Taking gut primer is easy just add a level tablespoon to water, stir and enjoy. Best taken with food so a great start to your day with breakfast.

Benefits of GUT Primer

Gut primer was developed for people with gut issues that also lead to chronic skin issues like severe acne and eczema. This medicinal powder also helps with chronic food associated with gut reactions like indigestion, bloating and wind. The gut primer has no pre or probiotics like the rest of the range so there is no active response that some people have to gut health treatments. It’s used to heal the gut and strengthen the gut lining. It is recommended to use 1-3 months on its own when the gut is particularly weak, then can be combined with glow inner beauty powder once the gut lining is stronger.

If you are reading this and have been living with any of these gut issues we urge you to try this new amazing product. Pop into No.13 the beauty avenue for a consultation and we can talk you through any questions or queries you may have. Call (02) 9361 5550 or Book an appointment using our online booking system here.

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