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At No.13 the beauty avenue we get to be part of all the fun stuff with our clients, from pampering relaxing facials to party ready manicures and pedicures, fluttering fabulous lashes, beautifully groomed eyebrows and smooth as silk waxed bodies. We know you are pushed for time in this, the busiest social time of the year so we are introducing the Express Spray Tan right here in Potts Point, only a few minutes away from Double Bay. With the introduction of Mine Express Spray Tans now you have countless Spray Tan options at no 13 The Beauty Avenue in the heart of the Eastern Suburbs.

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As Christmas parties seem to start earlier each year the time pressures to tick off all of our self maintenance jobs can become over whelming. We are here to Help! One of our most popular treatments we offer especially this time of year are our express spray tans.

Transform your dull winter skin into a golden glow in minutes ! At No.13 we are long time devotees of St Tropez, the worlds most natural looking tan. Alongside this we have recently added Mine Tan with an even quicker developing tan of just 1 hour.

Types of  St. Tropez Spray Tan 

1.The classic Tan ( The original)

 The Classic tan (the original) an 8 hour developing time, this long lasting spray tan with a natural colour formulated with pro hydrogel complex to enhance a beautiful soft natural golden finish.

2. Dark Mist

The Dark Mist for a deeper richer tan for those who tan easily or like a nice dark finish.

3. Express Spray Tan

 Depending how dark you want your tan then the longer you leave it on for 2 to 4 hours. Its formulated with fast-acting ingredients that absorb quickly into the skin while the intelligent shade technology allows the desired depth of colour to be selected by when you choose to shower. After showering, that first shower always a quick one, the skin will have a light colour and the self tan activates will continue to work developing and deepening into the choosen tan.

4. Mine Tan Professional

Introducing our newest tanning product Mine Tan Professional. The classic caramel will leave you with a sun kissed golden skin finish or the Morrocan tan, super dark with a deep rich finish and intensely hydrating Argan oil and moisturising antioxidants. This super fast drying, streak free tan has no orange tones and doesn’t smell at all. Mine tan is perfect if you are short on time as it develops rapidly and can be washed off in 1-3 hours ready for a night out. This Express Spray Tan starts developing immediately and after showering will continue to develop and deepen in colour over the next 24hrs.

How to prepare for your Spray Tan

  1. Exfoliate


With any tan preparation is key. Make sure to exfoliate the day prior to getting your tan to smooth skin and allow for an even tan. We love the Feggari Peeling Exfoliating Glove – you can actually see that dead skin rolling off as you use it and perfect to remove an build up of tan if you have been having consecutive tans! Make sure you don’t have moisturiser on the day of tan as this will block the development of the tan.

Spray tans last about 3-5 days, the true colour, and then just simply fades over the week. To maintain your tan and ensure it fades evenly we recommend moisturising daily. Or if you want to continue to build on your tan we retail the St Tropez Gradual Tan.

To book an Express Spray Tan or any of our other tanning solutions book online via our website or call 93615550 but be quick as bookings are filling up fast for Christmas.




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