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Deluxe Detox Facial

It’s the perfect season for a Deluxe Detox Facial.  Here’s Why…

As the days get shorter its a timely reminder that our hot humid summer is over, the air is cooler and change is in the air. What better time to introduce our new 50 minute Deluxe Detox Facial, $155.


With current research pollutants, debris, free radicals and blue light can damage the health of your skin, increasing inflammation that accelerates aging. Using the newest range in HydroPeptide this relaxing facial incorporates a deDetox Facialep cleanse followed by the new Honey Tri-zyme Peel and a Nordic detox mask. Optimally clearing any build-up and deeply purifying the skin whilst repairing, replenishing and protecting and strengthening it from environmental defences.

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The Deluxe Detox Facial treatment stars with a double cleanse to remove impurities from the skin.  Then we provide a deluxe exfoliation using a honey peel and enzymes specifically designed to smooth skin texture.  Following this, we provide a deluxe face and decollate massage to stimulate circulation and blood flow. Then we provide a Deluxe Detox Facial Mask which is a clay mask to draw out impurities and brighten the skin. To finalise treatment we use a serum, moisturiser and sunscreen to protect the skin from free radical damage.

Now is the perfect season to treat yourself and nurture your skin with this beautiful treatment.

Here’s what our customer Jenny had to say:

“That was the best facial I think I’ve ever had.  The products are divine, my skin has been glowing ever since.  I highly recommend.”

With Easter and school holidays just around the corner be sure to book ahead online or phone 93615550.

We have found incredible results using the Hydropeptide range.  You can experience them in the salon or purchase for home use.  In our Deluxe Detox Facial we use the following Hydropeptide Products:

Cleansing Gel, Trienzyme Peel, Treatment Toner, Soothing Balm, Eye Authority, Face Lift and Tinted Sunscreen.


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