At No.13 we are all about skin.. and we all want glowing, healthy skin!

No 13, we are all about giving the best attention to your skin’s needs.

The Beauty Chefs Glow Inner Beauty Powder is your internal moisturiser, a powerful dose of bio-fermented probiotic superfoods treating all skin conditions from acne, breakouts, eczema and dryness to name a few. High in Vitamin C and zinc, it provides you with a strengthened immune system, boosting collagen production and hydrating skin. Coupling Glow with our in-house Omnilux light therapy treatment you will be on your way to healthy, glowing skin. Omnilux is a non-invasive treatment boosting collagen and elastin, calming and anti-inflammatory, and both hydrating and firming helping to soften fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin radiance and texture. Whilst lying under the light we treat all clients to a blissful hand, arm and foot massage.

So get ready to GLOW!

For the month of October we are offering an Omnilux treatment for only $60, usually $110 with the purchase of Glow Inner Beauty powder, RRP $59.95.


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