St Tropez Tanning Near Surry Hills

Everyone wants gorgeous, glowing and radiant skin, and it’s even more desirable if it’s beautiful and bronze. Forget about burning yourself to a crisp in the sun trying to get a natural (and damaging!) tan, or mucking around with messy and expensive tanning products, only to leave a wake of chaos in the bathroom. Leave it to the professionals! At No.13 the Beauty Avenue, we offer a professional St Tropez tanning experience, so you can be beach and event ready all year round.

Achieve a beautiful glow

If you’ve been seeking that golden goddess look, you don’t have to spend time tanning in the sun, doing damage to your skin and risking complications or damaged skin later down the track. Nor do you have to struggle with applying pesky fake tan yourself, only for it to leave you streaky and orange.

At No.13 the Beauty Avenue, our tanning experts have it down to a fine art. We can work with all skin types, and we only use the highest quality products, such as those from St Tropez. Our talented beauticians can give you any look you’d like with your fake tan.

A professional fake tan is a special treat for many, and often it’s for a special occasion. Whether it’s to get ready for the summer, for a wedding, deb, party, or any other social event, you’re always going to be looking elegant and radiant with a St Tropez tan.

Book in your St Tropez tanning with No.13 the Beauty Avenue today

At No.13 the Beauty Avenue, we always put the customer first, and you’ll be sure to feel pampered when you leave our studio. We can offer anything from eyelash extensions to waxing and Omnilux light treatment. If you require any further information on our treatments, feel free to give us a call for a chat. If you’re looking for St Tropez tanning in the Surry Hills area, we can provide it for you. Get in touch and book your tanning session with us today!