Eyelash Extensions in the Sydney Area

Full, luscious lashes are a beautiful feature on anyone. We all know that one person with a set of gorgeous, ample lashes and have envied the stunning effect they create. You’ve tried to recreate the look, but sometimes mascara just doesn’t give the desired results, and applying false eyelashes before every event is time-consuming, fiddly and annoying. Sometimes they even start peeling off before the night is through! Eyelash extensions are the perfect solution to all your eye-popping needs. At No.13 the Beauty Avenue, we offer eyelash extensions, applied by a team of professional dedicated beauty experts.

Luscious lashes that last

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and you want to do them justice and frame them with beautiful eyelashes. There are a number of reasons for wanting to get eyelash extensions. Perhaps you have naturally lighter hair and would like to have darker lashes; maybe your eyes are your best feature and you want to accentuate them, or possibly you have thinner eyelashes and you’re seeking a fuller look.

Eyelash extensions are perfect for special occasions including weddings, social events, Christmas parties and much more, or simply just to give yourself a little treat. If you’re going on holiday or you’re just a busy person, a practical option is to get a set of eyelash extensions, as they reduce the need for mascara, so you don’t have to continually spend precious time applying mascara.

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If you’re seeking eyelash extensions in the Potts Point area, near to Surry Hills and Double Bay, get them done by the eyelash experts at No.13 the Beauty Avenue. Not only do we do eyelash extensions, we can also offer waxing, Omnilux light therapy, a range of waxing options, spray tans and much more. Give us a call for more information on how we can cater to your beauty needs, and book in a session with us today!