Brazilian Waxing in Sydney

For many, getting a professional wax can be a bit of a pampering experience. It provides much better and longer-lasting results than other hair removal options, and should leave you feeling smooth, sexy and carefree. Don’t struggle at home with blunt shavers, messy hair removal cream or trying to do a DIY wax (which can end in redness, pain and disaster!). If you want a beautifully executed wax from a professional in a relaxed environment, No.13 the Beauty Avenue can provide you with a range of packages at the most reasonable prices.

Prepare for summer or a beach holiday

As opposed to other hair removal procedures, there are a number of benefits when it comes to waxing. It naturally exfoliates the skin and, as the hair is removed at the root, the outcome is smoother than shaving. There is less irritation than shaving or hair removal creams afterwards, the results are longer-lasting, and when hair grows back it comes back thinner and lighter.

The association between the waxing specialist and the client should be one of trust, and this is what we foster in our salon in Potts Point. We offer our services in a relaxed, ambient atmosphere, and our staff are highly trained and efficient in what we do. It’s our attitude to customer service and offering that pampering, luxurious experience that sets us apart from the rest. Experience it for yourself, with a decadent wax from the professionals at No.13 the Beauty Avenue.

Book in your Brazilian wax with No.13 the Beauty Avenue

Our luxurious salon is a joy to visit. We offer all manner of speciality beauty treatments, including St Tropez tanning, eyelash extensions and much more. When it comes to beauty, we have you covered at No.13 the Beauty Avenue. If you would like more information on our treatments, packages, pricing or anything else, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Book your appointment for your Brazilian waxing in our Potts Point Salon, not far from Double Bay and Surry Hills, and feel like a new, fresh you today!